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Monkeys are one of the many animal species that inhabit the planet of Third Earth. They are anthropomorphic simians with members resembling gorillas, monkeys, baboons and other monkey species.

The true origin of these creatures remains unknown. In ancient times, the Monkeys were captured and enslaved by the evil undead sorcerer Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living. The Monkeys were among the many different species of animals that Mumm-Ra had captured to enable him to achieve universal control over everything. While the Monkeys and other animals were relegated to doing menial labor and search for the fabled Power Stones, the Cats were given high ranking positions in Mumm-Ra's army.

Mumm-Ra, who kept the Monkeys and the other animal slaves locked up in his Black Pyramid spaceship, would often use them to search various planets for the Power Stones that he craved so much. The Monkeys, because of their natural primate abilities, were often given the task of scouring the terrain and jungles of such planets. The MOnkeys, just like all the other slaves, were fitted with Security Collars which would explode if they ever try to escape.

When Mumm-Ra's two most trusted commanders Leo and Panthera staged an uprising against their evil master, all the enslaved animals joined the rebellion, including the Monkeys. Together they were able to overthrow Mumm-Ra, but during the battle to take down Mumm-Ra, the spaceship experienced an unexpected gravitational anomaly that caused it to crash on the planet of Third Earth.

All the surviving animals of the crash settled on Third Earth while some, like the Cats, even managed to get one of the Power Stones and used it to build their mighty empire of Thundera. The Monkeys did not receive any of the Power Stones.

It is not known what happened of the Monkey race, but centuries later, only one member of the species appeared - Addicus. This brutal barbarian joined Mumm-Ra's army as a general after many of the Lizards deserted the army.

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