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Origin Third Earth
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Mudhog King is the ruler of the underground-dwelling Mudhogs. Just like his subjects, he too is an anthromorphic warthog and has two white tusks on either side of his mouth. He is much bigger in size to his loyal subjects. He wears a crown and a reddish brown shirt. He sits on a stony throne from where he commands his Mudhog subjects using a series of snorts and grunts, which is their only form of communication.

The Mudhog King craves nothing more than amassing valuable items. Whenever the Mudhogs capture any victim, they strip them of their valuables, give it to their king, and then leave the victims to be devoured by Vultures. Just like his subjects, the Mudhog King is extremely susceptible to bright lights.

Once when the Mudhogs captured Lion-O, Mandora, Snarf, and Quick-Pick, the Mudhog King got his hands on the Sword of Omens as well as Snarf's Secret Coin Purse. He showed off both of his new acquisitions proudly by placing them on his waist belt. Fortunately, Quick-Pick was able to steal the Sword from him and throw to Lion-O who summoned the other ThunderCats. Panthro, Tygra, Cheetara and the ThunderKittens arrived in the ThunderTank and one blast of bright light was all that was required to send the Mudhogs and their king fleeing from the scene.

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010. Mandora - The Evil Chaser

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