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Mudhogs are a race of primitive humanoid boars who live deep underground on Third Earth. Their bodies are covered in part with brown fur. Just like wild boars, they have to short tusks protruding from either side of their mouth. They all dress alike in blue shirts.

The Mudhogs are a very primitive race and they don't even have the ability to communicate. They talk to each other via grunts and snorts. Their only weapons are crude spears made out of wood and stone. They are rules by a Mudhog King who sits on s stone throne and orders his subjects to do his bidding via snorting and grunting.

The Mudhogs are evil in nature and they only desire to steal valuables from their victims, which they give to their king. Their main method of capturing victims is by ambush. The top of their underground cave has many holes and the Mudhogs emerge from these holes to grab anybody who ventures into their territory.

After the Mudhogs have stolen the valuables from their victims, they tie them to the ladders leading to the roof holes, leaving their victims' heads exposed above the ground and making them easy prey for the above circling Vultures.

Because the Mudhogs spend most of their time underground, they have developed an intolerance to bright lights and are easily blinded by them.

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010. Mandora - The Evil Chaser

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