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Mule is a the robotic side-kick and assistant of the big game hunter, Safari Joe . Having somewhat the appearance of a tiny locomotive, Mule is a very hard working robot who basically does everything for Safari Joe.

He searches for potential prey and then gathers as much information as he can about them. He then displays these collected profiles on the "Holojector" for his master to observe and learn from. He also sets up the "Electronic Blind" for their spaceship as well as construct cages for the captured preys. When Safari Joe is away hunting, Mule acts as a guard to prevent any caught prey from escaping. Despite how badly Safari Joe treats him, Mule is still very loyal to his master.

After Safari Joe is defeated by the ThunderCats and promises to never hunt again, Panthro modifies Mule's work directive programming to ensure that the robot makes Safari Joe stay true to his word.

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