Mutant Mothership
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User Mutants
Features Space travel, Teleportation of crew, Tractor beam
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The Mutant Mothership is the largest spacecraft owned by the Mutants. The ship is dark green in color and has wings that resemble a bat's wings. The ship is immense, capable of holding a very large crew and many vehicles as well. It is armed with powerful weapons as well. The ship is able to teleport any of its crew members to the ground while it hovers safely above without the need to land. The Mothership also has in its arsenal, powerful tractor beams which are capable of grabbing any nearby spacecraft, preventing it from escaping. The Mutants can then board the captured ship via a giant glass tube.

When the ThunderCats fled their home planet Thundera, the Mutants pursued them in the Mothership along with a number of other smaller Mutant Ships. The Mutants succeeded in trapping the Thunderian Flagship and boarding it in order to steal the Eye of Thundera. However, they were defeated by the ThunderCats and beat a hasty retreat, back to their ship.

The Mutants however continued to secretly follow the Flagship all the way to Third Earth where it crashed. While on Third Earth, they came upon Mumm-Ra's Black Pyramid and the electricity from its four obelisks forced the Mutants to land. When the Mutants entered the pyramid and refused to accept Mumm-Ra's offer, the powerful mummy sunk their ship where it stood, in the Desert of Sinking Sands.

Much later and after much grovelling, the Mutants were able to convince Mumm-Ra to raise their ship again so that they may be able to defeat the ThunderCats. From their ship, the Mutants were able to obtain SkyCutters and NoseDivers as well as using the Mothership's propulsion unit to build the Fireball Launcher inside Castle Plun-Darr.

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