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NEPTUNE is the acronym for Navy Engineers Power Tower Under Nuclear Energy. It is an artificial intelligence super computer that controls the super power station located inside an artificial Black Hole. It was built by the Venutian Public Works. Its purpose is to clear the space-ways of derelicts, burned out satellites and other dangerous space hazards.

NEPTUNE created a giant force field to mimic a Black Hole. It is filled with the debris of old spaceships and satellites which have been attracted into it by the magnetic force of the power station.

When Captain Shiner had captured Lion-O, Panthro, and Snarf on board his ship the Vertus, Panthro had steered the ship right into the Black Hole and that is when they discovered NEPTUNE. Unfortunately, the super computer did not allow them to leave and kept them imprisoned in an impregnable Titanium cell.

Fortunately Lion-O was able to use the Sword of Omens to break through the cell and Panthro then reversed the polarity of the power station, causing it to repel everything out of the Black Hole, including the Vertus, its crew and the three ThunderCats.

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