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Origin Third Earth
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The Necromechers were a cult who harvested the technology that had been shunned by much of the residents of Third Earth.

These strange long-necked beings had incredible knowledge of technology as well as organic science. A long time ago when the Soul Sever was a human-like being, he sought the help of the Necromechers when his family was afflicted with an incurable illness. The Necromechers managed to keep the Soul Sever's family alive using their machines but in return they transformed him into a cyborg, to serve as a weapon to further their cause.

When the Soul Sever argued with the Necromechers to create better bodies for his family, they refused, claiming that it would be a perversion of the sacred balance between nature and technology. Adamant in his decision, the Soul Sever slaughtered every single one of them so that he could continue his ambition of trying to achieve immortality by combining machine and soul into one.

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