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Origin Third Earth
Weapons & Accessories
Weapons High Intensity Light Beams, Blades
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Voiced by None
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The Necromechs are robotic slaves created by and belonging to the Soul Sever.

These agile robots salvage various useful machinery and equipment from Avista's Dumping Grounds and take them to their master. The Soul Sever uses these parts in his experiments to create a perfect mechanical host for the souls of his families to inhabit. Despite coming close to achieving the union of machine and soul, the Soul Sever has yet to succeed.

During one of the Necromechs' raid, the ThunderCats happened to be at the Dumping Grounds along with Jorma. The Necromechs immediately notice the ThunderTank and proceed to tear it apart, taking useful parts. One of them takes the Book of Omens. The ThunderCats try valiantly to stop them but the robots prove to be too swift and powerful for the Cats. Eventually they open a blast of high intensity light on the ThunderCats, temporarily blinding them while the Necromechs make their escape.

A grieving Soul Sever holds Flicker's supposedly dead body in his hands, he wonders how Flicker's programming did not prevent him from committing an act of self sacrifice. Lion-O remarks that it was something else, something greater that enabled Flicker to do so, hinting that it may have had a soul. As the ThunderCats leave with the Book of Omens, Flicker appears to come back to life, greatly piquing the interest of the Soul Sever.

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