New Black Pyramid
New Black Pyramid.jpg
Location New Thundera
Inhabitants Mumm-Ra, Ma-Mutt, Ancient Spirits of Evil
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For the earlier version of this location, see Black Pyramid.

New Black Pyramid is the collective name given to the three polyhedral structures that serve as Mumm-Ra's home on New Thundera.

When New Thundera had just reformed, Mumm-Ra built a New Black Pyramid on the planet so that he could stay there while the Snarfs that he had enslaved searched for the legendary Sword of Plun-Darr. The exterior of this pyramid was similar to the one Third Earth, having one central pyramid surrounded by four obelisks.

The interior of this first new Black Pyrmaid was slightly different though. Mumm-Ra's skull-shaped sarcophagus chamber was slightly different and his magical cauldron was octagonal in shape instead of circular, like it was originally.

This first pyramid was destroyed by Mumm-Ra himself, accidentally. While fighting with Lion-O, Mumm-Ra threw the Sword of Plun-Darr at him, but it missed him and hit one of the statues of the Ancient Spirits of Evil and that caused the whole pyramid to crumble.

After the destruction of his first home, Mumm-Ra used his magical powers to construct a makeshift chamber inside a cave. The chamber had his tomb, his cauldron and the four statues of the Ancient Spirits. Since it was located in a cave, this location remained hidden from view and allowed Mumm-Ra to carry out his evil plans in secret while at the same time spy on the ThunderCats without them knowing.

Later on, when the Ancient Spirits of Evil decided to end Mumm-Ra's banishment that they themselves had imposed on him, they built him a second New Pyramid which was identical to the firs New Black Pyramid.

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