New Cats Lair
New Cats Lair.jpg
Location New Thundera
Inhabitants ThunderCats
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For the article about the Cats Lair on Third Earth, see Cats Lair.

Cats Lair is the home and base of operation of the ThunderCats home on New Thundera. Shaped like an enormous lion, the New Cats Lair is much bigger and more technologically advanced than the one on Third Earth.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Construction[edit | edit source]

After the ThunderCats decided to live on New Thundera for good, their first task was to build a new home on the re-formed planet. After encountering the Stone Giants in the Valley of the Stone Giants, the ThunderCats decide to build their new home in the same valley.

The construction of the lair was done by the Snarfs. Unfortunately, the construction of the lair was delayed greatly many times due to violent earthquakes that started taking place on New Thundera after Mumm-Ra stole the regulator of the Mighty Gyroscope. Apart form the tremors, there were also gravitational anomalies that occured in the Valley of the Stone Giants, often destroying all the hard work that the Snarfs had done in their construction of the lair.

Eventually, after the ThunderCats defeated Mumm-Ra and returned the regulator in the gyroscope, the lair's construction was completed.

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