User Mutants especially Slithe
Features Land and Sea Mode, Weapons, Drilling Nose
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The NoseDiver is one of the Mutants vehicles. It is mostly a terrain vehicle but also has an aquatic mode allowing it to operate underwater. It is powered by by an jet propulsion mechanism at its back, fueled by the two side tanks. It has a front adjustable shield. The pilot has to sit in a prone position. The front of the NoseDiver has a powerful drilling head known as the "Roto-grinder" which is capable of crushing even the hardest rocks. The NoseDIver also is equipped with firing lasers.

The Mutants got hold of the NoseDiver from their spaceship after Mumm-Ra agreed to raise it from the Desert of Sinking Sands. Normally it is always Slithe who prefers to pilot the craft but on some occasions even other Mutants have been shown to drive it.

The Mutants even once used the NoseDiver as bait to trap Lion-O in the Forest of Silence. They left the craft unattended. Lion-O's curiosity got the best of him and he climbed onto it. Unfortunately, the craft was rigged to snap manacles on his arms and legs. It was then guided by remote control back to the Black Pyramid with Lion-O trapped in it.

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