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Panthera is the second-in-command in Mumm-Ra's army after Leo. She is a female cat and one of the first Cats on Third Earth.

Despite holding a high ranking post in Mumm-Ra's army, Panthera was never truly loyal to him due to his evil nature. She only obeyed him out of helplessness.

She tried many times to convince Leo of Mumm-Ra's true nature, but he was blinded by his master's fake claims of spreading order throughout the galaxy and refused to believe her.

However, when Mumm-Ra destroyed the Star of Plun-Darr, and the three life-bearing planets that it supported, Leo saw the true face of Mumm-Ra. He then joined with Panthera and the two together led the uprising of the animal slaves against Mumm-Ra.

Armed with the Sword of Omens and two of the four Power Stones, Leo was able to defeat Mumm-Ra, making him retreat into his sarcophagus. Panthera seized the opportunity and smashed the controls so that no one could open the tomb again.

Panthera kisses Leo as they brace for a crash landing on Third Earth. It is never revealed if she survived the crash or not.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If Panthera survived the crash landing of the Black Pyramid on Third Earth, then it is possible that she is the ancestor of some of the Cats and seeing as she is of the panther sub-species, it is likely that she could be the ancestor of Panthro.

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