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Origin Third Earth
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Voiced by John Pirruccello
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Papa is the unnamed father of WilyKit and WilyKat and husband of Mama.

A farmer by profession, Papa was extremely hard-working, handling all the work on his farm alone, from sowing to reaping. Despite all his efforts, Papa was unable to provide well for his family and they often had very little to eat during the dry season. Papa worked hard daily, planting and harvesting giant carrot-like vegetables, and never taking a day off.

Papa was a loving father and husband. The Wily twins always ask him to read them the story of the fabled city of treasures known as El Dara and even carried around the storybook with them wherever they go.

One day during a picnic at his farm, an unexpected twister appeared and the entire family ran to seek refuge in the underground shelter. As Mama and her two younger children entered the shelter, the fierce storm caused a giant tree to fall right in the path of Papa and the Wily twins. As the trio climbed over it, Papa was slowed down and eventually killed when he was sucked up by the powerful twister.

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