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Origin Third Earth
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Petalars are a race of tiny humanoid flowers whose entire existence lasts just one day.

Like a flower, Petalars being life as a seedling which grows at an accelerated rate into a young flower person and then continues to grow until the Petalar reaches old age and dies. Upon death, the Petalars bodies turn into leaves which float away.

Initially, the Petalars lived in a paradise like area of Third Earth which they called the Garden. One day, a very powerful gust of wind, most likely a tornado, hit their settlement and their entire race was swept away. A group of Petalars landed in the Briar Woods where they remain trapped. The elders created a map that would lead the Petalars to the Cliffs of Wind from where they could ride the winds back to the Garden.

While running from the Lizards, the ThunderCats stumble upon the Petalars and after learning about their history, Lion-O promises to help them reach the Cliffs of Wind. During this time, Lion-O becomes good friends with a young Petalar named Emrick.

As the ThunderCats and the Petalars try to locate the Cliffs of Wind, they realize that the map was fake and that they were merely going around in circles. During this time, the Lizards set the Briar Woods on fire, hoping to wither kill the ThunderCats or flush them out. Instead, the heat of the flame creates updrafts which allows the Petalars to float up and out of Briar Woods and hopefully back to their homeland.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

The Petalars are very courageous and even though non-violent by nature, they will rally up and take on any enemy when their friends are in danger. Their strength relies in their huge numbers.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

The Petalars are very fragile by nature. They are often attacked by giant birds.

Weapons and Equipment[edit | edit source]

Despite having no weapons of any kind, the Petalars have the ability to overwhelm an opponent by turning themselves into a glowing golden mist.

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