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Country U.K.
Other Works ThunderCats, SilverHawks, Peter Pan and the Pirates, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
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Geale Peter Lawrence is a British writer, author and TV producer. He grew up in Southern Central Africa - in Northern Rhodesia, which is now known as Zambia, and went to school in Southern Rhodesia - which is now known as Zimbabwe. He even wrote "Fishing For Crocodiles", a fictionalized autobiography about growing up Africa, and "Smoke and Dust", a dramatic and meticulously researched and observed novel set in South and Southern Central Africa in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

He has written a number of novels, often collaborating with fellow ThunderCats writer C.H. Trengove. Some of these novels include "Blood Ranch", "It's Your Money In My Pocket, Dear, Not Mine In Yours", "Engulfed In A Tide Of Filth" (re-published as "Up The Pictures"), "The Mao Tse Tung Workers Revolutionary Striptease Emporium" and "Full Moon".

His most recent published work includes the Frankenstein Vigilante Series of Steampunk Mysteries which take place in a dystopian world, a parallel existence to today's society. These are also written in collboration with Trengove.

Lawrence has also published many books for children such as "Little Red, The Wolf's Story", "The Princess formerly known as Snow White", and "Colleen Smoothflow of Coneve".

Having written more than thirty screenplays, Lawrence also has extensive credits in animation and children's entertainment. He was hired by Rankin/Bass to be the script editor for their TV series ThunderCats, for which he also wrote a number of episodes. He also worked on other animated shows like SilverHawks, Peter Pan and the Pirates, and The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.

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  • Peter Lawrence is the only writer form the original 1980s series who also penned an episode for the 2011 reboot of ThunderCats. The episode being "The Forest of Magi Oar".

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ThunderCats 1980s[edit | edit source]

015. The Time Capsule
020. Mongor
022. Snarf Takes Up The Challenge
029. Sixth Sense
031. The Astral Prison
035. The Rock Giant
037. Mechanical Plague
038. The Demolisher
041. Excalibur
046. Good and Ugly
091. ThunderCubs - Part I
092. ThunderCubs - Part II
093. ThunderCubs - Part III
094. ThunderCubs - Part IV
095. ThunderCubs - Part V
097. Chain of Loyalty
111. Return to Thundera - Part I
112. Return to Thundera - Part II
113. Return to Thundera - Part III
114. Return to Thundera - Part IV
115. Return to Thundera - Part V

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