Pit of the Netherwitch
Pit of the Netherwitch.jpg
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Netherwitch, Ghouls
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The Pit of the Netherwitch is a location on Third Earth. It is a cave located in a mountain whose entrance resembles that of a mouth, complete with fangs at the top. In order to reach it, one must cross the Bridge of Slime which spans across the treacherous waters of the River of Despair. One of the river's denizens, the Gaw-Rak-Rak frequents the area and attacks any one who tries to cross the bridge.

Once inside the cave, there is a steep drop into the actual pit. The darkness within the pit conceals a number of strange and terrifying creatures such as ghouls and even a three-eyed dinosaur. The main resident of the pit is the Netherwitch, a Third Earth sorceress who is purported to have many magical powers, including the power to transport any being to the Astral World.

When Lion-O learns the Jaga has been imprisoned in the Astral World by the evil Nemex, he goes to the Pit of the Netherwitch and asks her to transport him to the Astral World as well. Unbeknownst to the ThunderCats, the Netherwitch is actually an alter ego of Mumm-Ra, who happily obliges and banishes Lion-O to the Astral World forever.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

022. The Astral Prison

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