Planet of Snarfs
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The Planet of Snarfs is a celestial body that served as the new home of the Snarfs after the destruction of their original home planet, Thundera. It is a beautiful, colorful and peaceful planet where pretty much anything grows.

When Thundera was on the brink of destruction, 43 Snarfs managed to commandeer an old tanker belonging to the Mutants and escape the explosion. They then came upon an empty planet where they settled and which they names "Planet of Snarfs".

Everything was peaceful on the planet, until Ratar-O and Vultureman arrived in the RatStar and kidnapped Snarfer. They then took Snarfer to Third Earth and hoped to use him as bait to lure the ThunderCats into their trap. The Cats however were eventually able to defeat the villains and returned Snarfer back to the Planet of Snarfs. Snarf was tempted to go with him, but decided to stay with Lion-O on Third Earth.

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