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Plutar is one of the galaxy's most wanted evil-doers. Hailing form the mysterious dark planet Onyx, Plutar is endowed with a deadly touch. Anything that he touches with his toxic hands eventually dies, be it trees, flowers or animals. He strives for nothing more than to spread death and decay with his noxious touch wherever he goes. With the ability to kill entire planets with his mere touch, it is no surprise that Plutar is wanted by the Interplanetary Control Force and hence pursued by Mandora.

Lion-O accidentally releases Plutar and two other convicts from their holding cell where Mandora had imprisoned them. Instinctively, Plutar immediately heads for gassy swamps and ends up at the Living Ooze. The two villains decide to join forces to destroy Mandora and the ooze even succeeds in trapping her, Lion-O and Snarf. It is only with sheer luck and determination that Mandora escapes the clutches of the ooze and shoots it and Plutar with her Enzyme Catalyzer Gun. The ingredients of the weapon turns out to be soap which successfully neutralizes both the dastardly villains.

Plutar was one of the minor villains to appear in the ThunderCats cartoon series and only appeared in one episode.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Appearances[edit | edit source]

010. Mandora - The Evil Chaser

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