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Origin Third Earth
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Voiced by Jim Meskimen
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For the article about the 1980's version of this character, see Wollo Traveller.

Ponzi is an elderly member of the Third Earth race of beings known as the Wollos. He is a scam artist who earns his living by making and selling Miracle Elixirs which he claims to solve all problems but often end up causing more problems.

When his townsfolk have had enough of the side effects of his fake elixirs, they drive him out of town. As he is riding in his giant caterpillar drawn wagon, he encounters the ThunderCats who help to repair his wagon wheel. Through a series of coincidences, he learns that his elixir has a neutralizing effect on the Sycorax, a monster that is inhabited by Mumm-Ra's soul and that is currently hot on the tail of the ThunderCats.

As his entire batch of elixirs was destroyed in an accident, the ThunderCats agree to gather all the leaves of the rare Caracara Tree but before Ponzi can brew them, his giant caterpillar Lucy eats up all of them.

At that moment, the Sycorax attacks and the ThunderCats fight valiantly but are unable to defeat the giant monster. Suddenly, Lucy, who has now metamorphosized into a giant butterfly, attacks the Sycorax and since its body is full of the power of the Caracara leaves, it is able to defeat the monster by crystallizing it.

The ThunderCats thank Ponzi who leaves with Lucy to start his business afresh

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ponzi is named after Charles Ponzi who conned many people out of their money via his Pnzi Schemes during the early 1920s.
  • Ponzi is essentially a snake oil salesman which is somebody that sells an item, usually accompanied by a tremendous amount of hype, that claims to have some miraculous powers.

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