Pop Culture Shock Mumm-Ra Statue
PCS Mumm-Ra
Company Pop Culture Shock Collectibles
Year 2010
Features Light-up eyes (SideShow Exclusive version)
Sculptor Khurram Alavi
Size 26" x 7" x 7"
Material Mixed Media
Art Director Jerry Macaluso
Painted by Mike Najera
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ThunderCats Bullet Point Official blurbEdit

"Mumm-Ra. What great hero is not matched with an equally great arch enemy? From the iconic ThunderCats animated series which first began in 1985, Mumm-Ra continually plots the theft of the powerful Sword of Omens and the destruction of the ThunderCats. Now this ancient villain comes to life once again. This massive 1/4-scale statue of Mumm-Ra the Everliving stands over 26” tall on its base and features real cloth costume and bandages. Sculpted by Khurram Alavi, this collectible will be limited to 400 pieces and includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity by Jerry Macaluso".

ThunderCats Bullet Point Product descriptionEdit

Mumm-Ra is the second and last ThunderCats statue produced by Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. Like the previous statue of Lion-O, look of the statue is inspired form the Ed McGuinness artwork from the popular "Reclaiming Thundera" comic book series.

Standing a menacing 26 inches tall, the statue is cast in high quality polystone and dressed with real fabric. Pop Culture Shock Collectibles made two variations of the Mumm-Ra statue as well. The second version of the statue featured eyes that light-up and was exclusive to "SideShow Collectibles". With incredible attention to fine detail, every single wrinkle, muscle and vein appear to come alive on this huge statue. Standing atop the skull head of his tomb, the devil priest Mumm-Ra is the embodiment of evil grimace and clawing arms.

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