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Power Stones are four unique gems that are endowed with incredible powers and abilities. Their origin is not known, but for centuries they have been desired by those seeking power and feared by everyone else. When they are used as a weapon, their destructive abilities are beyond compare.

The stones were scattered all over the universe before Mumm-Ra began his quest to obtain them. Using numerous animal species as his slaves, Mumm-Ra scoured the universe for the Power Stones. He was able to obtain three of the four stones and attached them to his Gauntlet of Plun-Darr. He had planned to embed the final stone in his Sword of Plun-Darr to achieve ultimate power and rule the universe unopposed.

Before he could get his hands on the final stone, the animal slaves staged an uprising, led by Mumm-Ra's commanders Leo and Panthera. Leo took the War Stone from Captain Tygus and fitted it into his own Sword of Omens. Leo was able to defeat Mumm-Ra after a fierce battle.

After Mumm-Ra's spaceship crashed on Third Earth, the surviving animal species distributed the Power Stones among themselves to prevent any one species from holding all of their power.

Many years later when Mumm-Ra was freed and killed King Claudus as well as destroyed Thundera, Lion-O and the ThunderCats set out on a quest to locate all the Power Stones so that they may defeat Mumm-Ra with them.

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