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Pyron is the champion fighter of the Ancient Spirits of Evil. Donning a heavy, spiked armor, and carrying a powerful staff, Pyron is a fierce fighter. His strength lies not only on his fighting skills but also his ability to produce and shoot fire, as his name suggests.

After Lion-O defeated Mumm-Ra in hand-to-hand combat inside the Book of Omens, the dastardly villain pleads to the Ancient Spirits of Evil to help him. Hearing his cries, the spirits summon forth Pyron from the cauldron inside the New Black Pyramid and then teleport him inside the Book of Omens.

Pyron proves to be a tough opponent against Lion-O who has trouble countering his fire attack. Lion-O then summons the Dragons on the Pillars who come to life and douse Pyron with their own fire, reducing him to nothing.

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