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Origin Third Earth
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Voiced by Juliet Rose Landau
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The Queen was the wife of Claudus and then ruling queen of the empire of Thundera. She is the adoptive mother of Tygra and the biological mother of Lion-O.

Loving and kind-hearted, the Queen was a stark contrast to her strict and imposing husband. The royal couple couple longed for a child but were initially unable to conceive. When she and Claudus found an infant Tygra in a hot air balloon on their courtyard, the Queen took it as a sign from the Gods and adopted him as her own son.

She always showered Tygra with love, fostering a strong bond between the two. Later on, she conceived Lion-O and his birth sowed the seeds of jealousy in Tygra. The crown that was once to be his, now rightfully belonged to Lion-O. The Queen died while giving birth to Lion-O and this further fueled Tygra's hatred for his brother, blaming him for their mother's death.

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  • While her name is never officially mentioned on the show, director Dan Norton mentioned on his DeviantArt Page that the crew referred to her as "Leona".

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