Queen Luna
Queen Luna.jpg
Origin Third Earth
Group Lunataks
Weapons & Accessories
Weapons Magic Scepter, Magical Belt
Voice Actor
Voiced by Lynne Lipton
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Queen Luna was an ancient Lunatak and the grandmother of Luna. Many decades ago, before the arrival of the ThunderCats or the Mutants, Queen Luna spread terror over Third Earth. With phenomenal powers granted to her by the Magical Belt of the Ancients, Queen Luna was able to enslave the peaceful natives of Third Earth, including the Wollos and the Berbils. She then forced them to work in the Thundrillium Mines. Such great was her power that even the Warrior Maidens were no match for her.

Finally, it was the good sorceress of Third Earth, Mumm-Rana, who was able to take the belt from Queen Luna and exile her for good to the Third Moon of Plun-Darr.

Queen Luna was also a midget like Luna. It was only the belt that transformed her physically, making her tall and muscular. Once Mumm-Rana takes the belt away from her, Queen Luna returns to her true form.

Many years later, Luna learns about the belt by overhearing Snarf telling a story to the ThunderKittens and Pumyra. Luna and Amok then snatch the belt from Mumm-Rana, severely damaging the White Pyramid in the process. Wearing the Magical Belt transforms Luna into "Princess Luna", a spitting image of her grandmother.

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