Queen Tartara's Guards
Queen Tartara's Guards.jpg
Origin Third Earth
Weapons & Accessories
Weapons Swords
Accessories Hats, Electronic blindfolds
Voice Actor
Voiced by Bob McFadden
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Queen Tartara's Guards are the servants of Queen Tartara who live with her in her Crystal Kingdom. They wear heavy woolen clothes and hats to combat the icy cold weather of the mountain top where the Kingdom is located. They are fiercely loyal to their queen and obey her every command implicitly. They help Tartara to obtain any valuable items that her heart desires, including the enchanting and beautiful Arietta Bird. The guards are armed with wide-bladed swords which they use very well.

They also guard her palace against any intruders and the guards assigned to her treasure room are clad in special armor and electronic blindfolds. These blindfolds act as sensors which alert the guards of any foreign presence without them actually being able to see anything. Taratara forces them to wear these as she does not want anybody other than herself to have the pleasure of viewing her vast treasure. The guards also serve as Taratara's pilots, driving her Flying Jet-Sleigh.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

23. The Crystal Queen

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