User Ratar-O
Features Space travel, Powerful weapons, cloaking mechanism
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The RatStar is Ratar-O's main spaceship and arguably one of the most powerful Mutant vehicles. It is a dark blue in color and almost hemispherical in shape.

The RatStar is capable of inter-stellar travel and is frequently used by Ratar-O to travel between planets such as Plun-Darr, Third Earth, and New Thundera. The ship is loaded with powerful weapons, laser guns and the devastating VariCannon. The ships weapons are capable of freezing, levitating and even completely destroying any adversary. Such great is the fire power of the RatStar that even the ThunderCats never take it lightly and take great caution when engaging it.

Apart from many offensive options, the RatStar also has a state-of-the-art defensive mechanism. The ship is armed with a cloaking mechanism which can make the entire ship turn invisible and completely undetectable. The ship is capable of speedy interstellar travel mainly due to the component known as Hyper-Space Mega Condenser.

Even though Ratar-O mainly pilots the ship, sometimes Vultureman and the Mutants have also been known to use it.

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