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Origin Third Earth
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The Ravenmen are the elite soldiers of the Bird Nation of Avista. These Birds serve as guardians of Avista and its residents. They dress in red uniforms and wear metal helmets. The Ravenmen serve under the prefect Vultaire and are entrusted with keeping peace on Avista.

Armed with Electric Spears, these no-nonsense anthropomorphic ravens can deliver a powerful jolt of electricity to any unruly visitor on Avista. They have huge and powerful wings with which they can fly like ordinary birds of prey.

Their real skill is the ability to pilot the SkyCutters in dogfights. They are extremely agile in the skies and fought bravely against Mumm-Ra and his Lizard Army when they laid siege on Avista. But their over-reliance on fixed flying formations made them easy targets for the Lizards who shot down many of their SkyCutters.

Quickly noticing this mistake, Tygra, who was also piloting a SkyCutter, took charge of the squadron and ordered the Ravenmen to break formation and improvise. Even though this improved their chances, the Ravenmen with all their skills were no match for Mumm-Ra's Storm Charger with which he delivered a powerful blast of energy that wiped out many of the squadron.

When they saw that their leader Vultaire had sided with Mumm-Ra, the Ravenmen chose to stick with the ThunderCats.

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