River of Despair
River of Despair2.jpg
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Black Widow Shark, Gaw-Rak-Rak, Fish Eating Flower, Vampire Mermaid, Giant Eel. Tongue-a-Saurus
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River of Despair is a body of water on Third Earth. It is the biggest and longest river on the planet. It originates from the Tuskas' homeland of Tuskania. The river flows through a number of areas of Third Earth and is the main source of water for the planet's inhabitants. It is also rife with danger and has many terrible creatures living in it as well as highly treacherous areas such as the Whirlpool of Infinity.

The river also flows near the Living Ooze as well as the Miggit Swarm Monster. It passes by the Unicorn Forest and the Unicorn Keepers use the Bridge of Light to cross it. Along its path, it also flows by Pit of the Netherwitch which can be accessed via the Bridge of Slime.

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