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Ro-Bear is a small planet located many galaxies away from Third Earth. It is the home planet of the robotic bears Ro-Bear Berbils. The gentle and peace-loving Berbils lived happily on the planet for a long time but their increasing population quickly led to overcrowding on the small planet. In order to solve this problem, some groups of Berbils left the planet in spaceships to search for new homes.

Two groups of Berbils ended up arriving on Third Earth. The first one comprised of Ro-Bear Bill, his wife Ro-Bear Belle and many Berbils. They traveled to Third Earth and settled in a small area where they built their homes and grew their food. This settlement became known as the Berbil Village.

Another group of Berbils consisting of only two members, Ro-Bear Bert and Ro-Bear Bob, left their planet Ro-Bear and traveled to Third Earth in their spaceship the Vanguard of RoBear. During their flight, they happened to pass by Thundera just as it was about to explode. There they saw the three new ThunderCats, Bengali, Lynx-O, and Pumyra trying to escape. The two Berbils took the three Thunderians with them. They were heading for the Berbil Village but some technical problems forced them to take a detour and they eventually arrived on a deserted island on Third Earth.

Not much is known about the planet Ro-Bear but it most likely has many settlements similar to the Berbil Village, complete with fields of Berbil Fruit.