Rosencrantz Medallion
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The Rosencrantz Medallion is a powerful amulet that grants the wearer incredible abilities. The medallion once belonged to the powerful being known as Zaxx. It gave him enormous power and allowed him to rule the entire southern hemisphere of Third Earth while Mumm-Ra reigned over the north. With the medallion, Zaxx was able to fight off Mumm-Ra and keep him at bay until one day when Mumm-Ra snatched the medallion from Zaxx and trapped his essence inside it. Mumm-Ra then kept the medallion hidden in a secret chamber behind his sarcophagus inside the New Black Pyramid.

Many centuries later when Vultureman learns about the Rosencrantz Medallion and its power, he steals it from Mumm-Ra and wears it himself. This awakens the spirit of Zaxx inside the medallion and he slowly starts taking over Vultureman's body, causing the Mutant to sprout two more arms. Scared, Vultureman discards the medallion and Snarf ends up wearing it. After Zaxx starts taking control of Snarf's body, he emerges from the medallion to fight Mumm-Ra himself. Eventually, Zaxx and Mumm-Ra fall into the cauldron and only Mumm-Ra emerges from it, implying that Zaxx has been destroyed and the medallion with him.

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