Ruins of Darkside
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Location Third Earth
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Ruins of Darkside are the remains of an ancient temple found in Darkside. The temple holds the powerful Sound Stones. Also residing in the temple is Sondora, a priestess who is also the keeper of the stones. On the steps of the temple sit the Guardians of the Sound Stones, stone gargoyles who come to life the moment any intruder tries to steal the stones.

Vultureman learns of the location of the ruins from an ancient map that he discovers. With the help of the Lunataks, he manages to steal one of the stones to power his Sonic Gun which he uses against the ThunderCats. The Cats build a more powerful sonic gun of their own by using a Sound Stone that they borrow with Sondora's permission. After defeating the villains the ThunderCats return both the stones to Sondora.

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