Safari Joe's Spaceship
Safari Joe Spaceship.jpg
User Safari Joe
Features Interstellar travel, Cloaking device
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Safari Joe's Spaceship is the craft that the intergalactic big game hunter Safari Joe uses. He scours the galaxy in this ship to search for his preys. This purple colored ship is massive in size, with enormous wings. It has the ability to take-off and land vertically. The ship is assumed to be piloted by Joe's trusty robot sidekick, Mule.

Due to the large size of the ship, it is capable of holding a large cargo, including Safari Joe's weapons, his equipments such as the Holojector, and cages for his preys. The ship is quipped with a state-of-the-art cloaking device. This allows the ship to set up an "electronic blind" around itself. This blind makes it impossible for anyone to see through it, either with the naked eye or with radar or sonar or any electromagnetic radiation, thus keeping Safari Joe's activities a secret.

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