School of Paper Arts
School of Paper Arts 2011.jpg
Location Forest of Magi Oar
Inhabitants Wood Forgers
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School of Paper Arts is an educational institution that was established in the Forest of Magi Oar by the Wood Forgers. Its aim was to teach students the ancient mystical arts of paper magic in which seemingly ordinary paper can be turned into weapons and various other objects and made to do as one willed them to.

Many years ago, the Wood Forgers, led by Zig arrived in the Forest of Magi Oar looking for wood to make paper for their paper magic. The guardian of the forest, Viragor allowed them to stay but only if they used the wood from the dead trees.

Zig however had other ideas and he started cutting down healthy trees to make the paper he needed. When Viragor tried to stop him, Zig and his Wood Forgers chased him away. He then established the School of Paper Arts to further teach paper magic to others. He appointed himself the headmaster of the school.

Many years later, the ThunderCats arrived in the forest and helped Viragor to drive away the Wood Forgers. Since then, Viragor has assumed the role of being the headmaster of the school.

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