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Screwloose is a robot who is an expert Gyroscope engineer. He has a metallic golden body and wears a bright red bow tie. This gentle and mild-mannered animatron, considers robots to be inferior creations. Thus he prefers to be referred to as "Self Acting Phenomenon" or "SAP" for short.

While his true origins are unknown, he operated on the planet Druski during the Velt Wars and was later promoted to the space station Norton. He was responsible for single-handedly putting down the Norton uprising. He possesses a one of a kind "logic condenser" for a brain. This makes him the most advanced gyro-engineer in all the universe.

Despite his superior intellect and skills, his body has deteriorated to a rather bad state. Due to many budget cuts, there has been no money to upgrade his mechanisms.

The ThunderCats seek out the help of Screwloose when the Mighty Gyroscope on New Thundera develops some fault and starts wobbling, resulting in massive tremors all over New Thundera.

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