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Sea Serpent is a giant snake-like reptile with a dragon-like head. It is amphibious and lives in rivers and swamps. The beast has sharp teeth and a long forked tongue. Its scaly green body is covered with black rings. Despite its massive size, the Sea Serpent is very agile and fast and can attack in the blink of an eye.

Cheetara once encountered a Sea Serpent when she ventured into its territory while searching for the Time Capsule. The Sea Serpent attacked her but she proved to be too fast for it, tricking it into biting its own tail.

WilyKit and WilyKat also encountered a Sea Serpent when they fell into a canyon in the Field of Daggers. The creature would have devoured them had it not been for the Wollo Traveller who appeared on the scene and, just like a snake charmer, calmed the beast with his flute music, allowing the kittens to escape.

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015. The Time Capsule
090. Vultureman's Revenge

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