Seventh Dimension
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Location Third Earth
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The Seventh Dimension is an alternate dimension on Third Earth. It is currently the prison of Wizz-Ra, the ancient wizard who fought for good. Mumm-Ra had always despised Wizz-Ra and greatly craved his Golden Helmet of Phar-Noor which gave its wearer mind-controlling powers. Many centuries ago, during a battle between Mumm-Ra and Wizz-Ra, the evil mummy tricked Wizz-Ra into getting banished and imprisoned in the Seventh Dimension for all eternity by the Great Sphinx. However, once every seven thousand years, Wizz-Ra is able to return to Third Earth for one single day via a portal, which coincidentally, happens to be on the exact same spot as the mirror in Cheetara's room.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

033. Dimension Doom

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