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Shadowmaster was a powerful evil wizard who lived on Thundera. He used a cloak of darkness to conjure his superior magical powers and attempted to take over the planet but he underestimated the combined strength of Jaga, Claudus and the Sword of Omens. The trio were able to defeat him and Claudus banished him to the Shadow Realm for all eternity.

Just before the destruction of Thundera, an eclipse of the Dark Moon of Plun-Darr allowed the Shadowmaster to open a portal, kidnap Claudus, and keep him as his prisoner in a crystal block.

Many years later, at another eclipse, the Shadowmaster contacted the Ancient Spirits of Evil via a Shadowbat that he conjured up. He asked the spirits to free him from his prison if he succeeded in defeating Lion-O. The sprits agreed but Mumm-Ra felt very insecure, fearing that the Shadowmaster might replace him as the main servant of the Ancient Spirits, and so he used Ma-Mutt to ensure that the Shadowmaster would fail.

The Shadowmaster lured Lion-O into the Shadow Realm using a series of nightmares about Claudus. After a huge battle, Lion-O was able to defeat the Shadowmaster, thanks to the Sword of Omens. He then escaped from it with Claudus whose spirit went on to join Jaga.

Creatures conjured[]

The immense magical powers of the Shadowmaster allow him to summon a number of mystical beings out of thin air. Some of the creatures that he conjured up include:


125. Shadowmaster (episode)

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