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Sky-Tomb is the flying fortress and residence of the evil Lunataks. The fortress is completely mobile, and is capable of flying to any location on Third Earth; thus, it is both a location and a vehicle. The fortress is very powerful and technologically highly advanced. It is fueled by Thundrillium, the same substance which fuels all of the ThunderCats' vehicles and fortresses.

After the Lunataks were released by the Mutants under the orders of Mumm-Ra, the first thing they needed was a headquarters, so they embarked on constructing Sky-Tomb. Just as the Mutants had employed the slave labor of the gentle Brutemen to build their Castle Plun-Darr, the Lunataks also enslave the creatures to build their lair. Apart from the Brutemen, the Lunataks also capture the Wollos and the Bolkins to work on the construction of Sky-Tomb.

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