User Mutants
Features Air and Ground Mode, Weapons, Wing saws
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The SkyCutter is one of the Mutants' vehicles. It is mostly an air vehicle but also has a ground mode allowing it to operate just as effectively on land. It is powered by by an jet propulsion mechanism at its back. On its wings, it has two wheels which fold up when the vehicle is in air and fold out when it lands. The SkyCutter also is equipped with firing lasers. The edge of each wing conceals powerful buzz-saws which can cut through anything.

The Mutants got hold of the SkyCutter from their spaceship after Mumm-Ra agreed to raise it from the Desert of Sinking Sands. Normally it is always Monkian and Jackalman who prefer to pilot the craft but on some occasions even other Mutants such as Slithe and Vultureman have been shown to drive it.

On two occasions the ThunderCats have managed to pilot the SkyCutter. Once it was Lion-O during his Anointment Trials. He was attacked by Slithe but he managed to unseat the Mutant and fly the SkyCutter himself. On another occasion, the ThunderKittens got on board the SkyCutter. In both cases, the ThunderCats driving the SkyCutter were nearly shot down by the other ThunderCats who mistook them for the Mutants.

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