Snarf's Secret Coin Purse
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Snarf's Secret Coin Purse is a small blue bag that is owned by Snarf. He uses it to store his coin collection from Thundera. It would appear that Snarf is an avid collector of rare and valuable coins since his time on Thundera. Among the coins included in his collection are Tricentennial Thunderian Half Dollar and his Lucky Jaga Penny.

Once when exploring Third Earth with Lion-O, he took the purse with him. When Lion-O unknowingly freed a trio of prisoners from Mandora's holding cell, one of them, Quick-Pick, stole the Coin Purse along with the Sword of Omens. When Quick-Pick was captured by the Mudhogs, their king confiscated the two items. Later however, Mandora was able to recover the purse and returned it to Snarf who was thrilled to have gotten it back.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Appearances[edit | edit source]

010. Mandora - The Evil Chaser

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