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The Snarf Communicator is a type of two-way radio device that is capable of receiving and transmitting radio signals. It is the main mode of communication used by the Snarfs, often using it to communicate between Snarfs on New Thundera and those on Third Earth.

The device is operated by pedaling or cranking a lever to power it. It also has a mic and headset. It isn't very advanced technologically and is rather crude. Because of this, the device often experiences interference and disturbance in the communication. Nevertheless, it is not completely useless and the Snarfs use it regularly.

Once when Snarf was wearing the Bracelet of Power and had the ThunderCats under his control, he ordered [Lion-O]] and Panthro to build him a new and better Snarf Communicator. The two ThunderCats oblige and even manage to successfully build the hardware of the communicator but are captured by Mumm-Ra before they can finish the device.

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