Origin Thundera
Group ThunderCats
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Weapons None
Accessories Belt
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Voiced by Bob McFadden
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Snarfer is Snarf's nephew and the youngest ThunderCat. When Thundera exploded, a very young Snarfer and 43 other Snarfs commandeered an old Mutant tanker and flew to an empty planet. They then claimed the planet as their own and dubbed it the Planet of Snarfs.

He lived there happily until he was kidnapped by Ratar-O and Vultureman in the RatStar and then brought to Third Earth to be used as bait to lure the ThunderCats into Ratar-O's trap. Fortunately the ThunderCats were able to defeat Ratar-O and send Snarfer back to the Planet of Snarfs in the Feliner.

Later on, Snarfer returned to Third Earth to join the ThunderCats after the Tower of Omens was built. He usually stayed in the Tower with the three New ThunderCats Lynx-O, Bengali, and Pumyra. Since then he has been with the ThunderCats and even returned with them to New Thundera when that planet was formed.

Because of his young age and inexperience, Snarfer has a tendency to act without thinking and this sometimes can worsen his situation. Nevertheless, Snarfer is a decent mechanic and pilot, often helping to repair the various electronic equipment found in the Tower of Omens. He flies his spaceship to and from Third Earth and New Thundera regularly when running errands for the other ThunderCats.

Snarfer often calls Snarf by his real name "Osbert", much to the chagrin of the older Snarf. Like his uncle, Snarfer is also a graduate of "Snarf College". And also like his uncle, Snarfer is immune to the effects of Thundrainium and the Mine Madness inducing gases of the Mad Bubbler. He always wears a strapped pouch around his body.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Oh, oh! You will, Uncle Snarf? You... you mean, you'd leave the ThunderCats?" (when Snarf said he will come with him to the Planet of Snarfs) - Feliner - Part II
  • "Snarfer, Snarfer"
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