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Snarfs are one of the native species of Thundera. These furry anthropomorphic cat-like creatures display a high level of intelligence as well as loyalty. They are kind, friendly, and peaceful but when the need arises, can be fearless. They do not possess any special weapons or powers, usually relying on their tail to trip up opponents or grab things.

In the entire universe, Snarfs are the only species that are completely devoid of evil tendencies. This renders them immune to almost all kinds of magic, potions and mind control. This makes them particularly useful in the fight against evil.

The Snarfs originally lived in the Valley of the Snarfs on Thundera. Many of them served the Royal Family of Thundera, often taking the role of nursemaids, cooks or assistants. Snarf in particular was the closest and most trusted of the Snarfs among the ThunderCats. He was entrusted the task of taking care of the young Lion-O, and accompanied him to Third Earth when the ThunderCats fled Thundera.

When Thundera was on the brink of destruction, most of the Snarfs escaped in an old Mutant ship and colonized and uninhabited planet that they named "Planet of Snarfs". Later when Thundera re-formed, Mumm-Ra captured the Snarfs and brought them to "New Thundera" in order to locate the Treasure of Thundera for him. Eventually, the ThunderCats freed the Snarfs from Mumm-Ra's enslavement and the furry creatures went back to living happily in the Valley of the Snarfs.

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