Soul Stone
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Soul Stone is a light blue-colored gem with unique powers. It is one of the four Power Stones, the strange and incredibly powerful gems in the universe which have phenomenal powers. The diamond shaped Soul Stone's true powers and abilities are not yet known. So far it was only used once by Mumm-Ra to create the Armor of Plun-Darr when he infused the stone in his Gauntlet.

Centuries ago, the Soul Stone was in Mumm-Ra's possession, along with two other Power Stones. Before he could get his hands on the fourth War Stone, his most trusted commander Leo got hold of it and used it to defeat Mumm-Ra and free all the animal species that he had kept as his slaves.

After Mumm-Ra's spaceship crashed on Third Earth, the surviving animal species distributed the Power Stones among themselves to prevent any one specie holding all the power. It is not yet known which animal species took the Soul Stone and where it is currently located.

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