Sound Stones
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Sound Stones are legendary rocks that have immense power. They are in a constant state of vibration, emitting music-like sound. However, their vibrations can be amplified, resulting in the production of very powerful sonic beams which are capable of destroying solid objects.

The Sound Stones are located in a chest, deep in the Ruins of Darkside. The stones are under the guardianship of the priestess Sondora. She along with the Guardians of the Sound Stones, protect the stones, keeping them from falling into the wrong hands.

Once, Vultureman succeeded in stealing one of the stones and used it to create a Sonic Gun, a device which emitted powerful sonic blasts. Vultureman, along with the Lunataks used the Sonic Gun to attack the ThunderCats and the Tower of Omens, badly damaging the fortress.

Eventually, the ThunderCats built their own Sonic Gun using a Sound Stone that was given to them by Sondora, and they were able to defeat Vultureman and the Lunataks. Lion-O then returned both the stones to Sondora who, fearing them falling into the hands of the Mutants or the Lunataks again, teleports them to a different dimension where they would remain safe.

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