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Origin Third Earth
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Weapons Venomous Fangs
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For the article about the 1980's version of this character, see Spidera.

Spidera is a gigantic ten-eyed spider that lives in a cave on Third Earth and thought by many as being a myth.

This massive arachnid makes its nest in dark caves and feeds on anything smaller than itself. Covering the cave with its web, it sets a sticky trap for any creature that stumbles into the cave. Once a victim is trapped in her web, one bite from her venomous fangs is enough to kill the victim.

A long time ago during the Lizard War, Grune and Panthro broke out of a prison camp and were on the run. With no food or weapons, and and army chasing them, the two hid in a cave which turned out to be Spidera's nest.

Panthro got caught in Spidera's web, unable to free himself. Grune on the other hand, ripped out his saber-tooth and jammed it into one of Spidera's ten eyes, her only weak spot. The two ThunderCats then made their daring escape.

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  • The 2011 version of Spidera closely resembles a real spider while the 1980s version of the character had a more humanoid face and striped body.

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