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Spirit Stone is a pinkish ruby-colored gem with unique powers. It is one of the four Power Stones, the strange and incredibly powerful gems in the universe which have phenomenal powers. The Spirit Stone has the ability to change its shape and size on its own. The stone also has the ability to protect its owner's life, not only by creating a powerful force field around them, but also bringing them back from the dead, if it deems them worthy of it.

Centuries ago, the Spirit Stone was in Mumm-Ra's possession, along with two other Power Stones. Before the could get his hands on the fourth War Stone, his most trusted commander Leo got hold of it and used it to defeat Mumm-Ra and free all the animal species that he had kept as his slaves.

After Mumm-Ra's spaceship crashed on Third Earth, the surviving animal species distributed the Power Stones among themselves to prevent any one specie holding all the power. The Spirit Stone came into the possession of the Elephants. They hid it in the Astral Plane which can be accessed via a portal in a hut in their village.

Many years later, the search for the Power Stones brings the ThunderCats to the Elephant Village. After eventually figuring out its secret location, Lion-O and Tygra enter the Astral Plane to search for it. When Lion-O removes the stone from the plane and attaches it to his Gauntlet of Omens, the entire Astral Plane collapses.

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