Sponge Fog
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Sponge Fog is a special substance that grows on Third Earth. It is pale pink in color and very dense with a spongy texture. Sponge Fog is the only substance on Third Earth that can neutralize the highly corrosive Ultrasolvic acid that makes up Acid Lake. This suggests that Sponge Fog is alkaline in nature. It is also very dense and requires sharp blades to cut through. Sponge Fog grows in a valley right next to the Rockmen's territory.

When the Driller, under Mumm-Ra's orders, borrowed a tunnel from Acid Lake to Cats Lair, the ThunderCats had to rush to to obtain a piece of Sponge Fog to stop the acid from eating away at the foundation of Cats Lair. They used the ThunderTank's special rotating blades to cut a sizeable chunk of the Sponge Fog and carried it back to their lair. Even though they met with a number of obstacles along the way, the succeeded in saving the lair.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

032. Return of the Driller

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