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Star Comics
Star Comics Logo.jpg
Country U.S.A
Years Active 1984-1988
Industry Comic books
Headquarters New York
Licensed Properties ThunderCats, The Flintstones, Care Bears, Masters of the Universe, The Muppets, SilverHawks, Star Wars

Star Comics was an imprint of Marvel Comics that published comic books which were often adaptations of children's TV series and toys. Aimed mainly at younger audiences, Star Comics began publishing books in 1984 and released comics based upon popular licensed properties such as The Flintstones, Care Bears, Masters of the Universe, The Muppets, SilverHawks and Star Wars among others. Star Comics was eventually dissolved in 1988 and many of its titles were then published under the main Marvel banner.

ThunderCats was also one of the franchises published by Star Comics during its existence and one of its most successful titles. The first issue of ThunderCats debuted in December of 1985 and the series finally ended in June of 1988. During its run, 24 issues were published with the first 8 issues being published bimonthly, and then switched to a monthly publication format for the remaining 16 issues.

ThunderCats - Ongoing
ThunderCats (US) - 001.jpg
Issue 1
ThunderCats (US) - 002.jpg
Issue 2
ThunderCats (US) - 003.jpg
Issue 3
ThunderCats (US) - 004.jpg
Issue 4
ThunderCats (US) - 005.jpg
Issue 5
ThunderCats (US) - 006.jpg
Issue 6
ThunderCats (US) - 007.jpg
Issue 7
ThunderCats (US) - 008.jpg
Issue 8
ThunderCats (US) - 009.jpg
Issue 9
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Issue 10
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Issue 11
ThunderCats (US) - 012.jpg
Issue 12
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Issue 13
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Issue 14
ThunderCats (US) - 015.jpg
Issue 15
ThunderCats (US) - 016.jpg
Issue 16
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Issue 17
ThunderCats (US) - 018.jpg
Issue 18
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Issue 19
ThunderCats (US) - 020.jpg
Issue 20
ThunderCats (US) - 021.jpg
Issue 21
ThunderCats (US) - 022.jpg
Issue 22
ThunderCats (US) - 023.jpg
Issue 23
ThunderCats (US) - 024.jpg
Issue 24