Star of Thundera
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Star of Thundera is an astral body in space. It is located near a large black hole known as the Black Planet. Unlike normal stars which are balls of burning gas, the Star of Thundera appears to be more like a red colored planet. It is a sentient body and has immense powers.

When Thundrainium prevents the ThunderCats from crossing Fire Rock Mountain in order to rescue Lynx-O, Bengali and Pumyra, Jaga decides to seek out help from the Star of Thundera. When Grune bars his way and throws him into the gravitational pull of the Black Planet, the Star of Thundera not only banishes Grune, but it also rescues Jaga.

The Star then changes into a talisman that negates the effects of Thundrainium. Wearing it, Lion-O is able to rescue the three Thunderians, but Mumm-Ra greedy for power, snatches the talisman and tries to open it. Ignoring Jaga's warnings, Mumm-Ra opens the talisman and the result is a massive explosion that nearly levels Fire Rock Mountain.

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